Completely free:

Plan your flight online with all relevant details and transfer it automatically to the APP. Easy and straightforward, at the same time intuitive handling and completely free. We do not charge any fees for sky[nav]pro™ planningtool nor the navigation APP. Only value-added services like in-flight weather, collision warning as well as tracking and monitoring are charged.

Airspaces + Maps

Latest air spaces, zones, restricted areas and other hints will be updated regularly and online populated as soon as possible. We'll be assisted by a great number of diligent and tireless community members. Primary goal: up-to-dateness and reliability. Should an air spaces or some other data be wrong, please kindly report us!

Terrain Data:

As you know cross-country tread is very important during preparing phase, we included it in our sky[nav]pro™ online planning tool. Needless to say, that this valuable feature is also part of the APP and free of charge. Anchoring towers and cable cars will be clearly shown.

Wight & Balance:

Calculations for the centre of gravity based on the loading plan of an aircraft will be important during planning phase. These weight & balance calculation are a must have for a good planning and integrated inside the sky[nav]pro™ planning tool.

Navigation App:

Designed as moving map system which covers the whole map of europe and flat menu structure it has an intuitive userinterface. Easy to view visuals, route to next waypoint, estimated flight duration, cross-country data, weaher and other flight relevant data will be part of the sky[nav]pro™ APP and viewable as a layer of the map if you connect your sky[nav]pro™ Hardware.


We know how important it is to have a qualified contact to solve problems and get over difficulties. That's why we established an twenty-four seven support in german and english language. If unexpected happenings occur we're here for you.

The planning and navigation solution from sky[nav]pro™ is available free of charge and offers all the important basic functions of GPS-based VFR navigation. Particular value was given to easy handling and the potential integration of other services. Via web browser you can plan your route and navigate using the app during flight.

sky[nav]pro™ central tool is the moving map app to navigate.

Of course, functions such as airspace detector, terrain data and access to comprehensive databases and services are included!

Free online flight planning and navigation App

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