in-flight weather

Weather from DWD:

Strong and valid partners are essential for pilots most important waether data. As official provider for aviation services we got the german weather forecast DWD as partner and can show their actual weather forecast in our solution sky[nav]pro™. We've extra layers for weather radar, METAR/TAF, wind strength and clouds in our maps. An extra account from DWD is required.

Weather radar:

With the aid of radar cluster from DWD, we can show the actual rainfall in 15min cycles online at our sky[nav]pro™ portal. With this data we've the possibility to monitor the weather locally and in a wide-area. If you combine radar pictures from different locations to a big one, you got more important opportunities to analyse and forecast the weather.


Maps of wind strength need extensive know-how. At 218 station the DWD measures for decades the actual wind strenght. With this data and the statistic windfieldmodel (SWM), the DWD calculated wind data with a distance from 200m for whole Germany. We've an overlay of this data in our maps.


Icing-up or is it manageable? This is the question. And to answer it, we show the temperature while planning as well as inside the APP during flight. Clearly separated by FL. To show this data in-flight you need the sky[nav]pro™ hardware.


Especially for VFR precise weather data are of the highest importance. That's why we show this data for every Airport with METAR/TAF availability. This data can you see also during your planning phase.


We know how important it is to have a qualified contact to solve problems and get over difficulties. That's why we established an twenty-four seven support in german and english language. If unexpected happenings occur we're here for you.

sky[nav]pro™ provides in real-time weather informations using our unique app and hardware solution. Our competent partner DWD (Deutsche Wetterdienst – DWD) provides official data directly via our data-link to our app.

The weather data is further processed by sky[nav]pro™ and then transmitted via modern satellite communication as compressed data. Fully integrated data is represented in the cockpit on our navigation app for tablets without any data breach. This way, the most important information, such as METAR/TAF and RADAR pictures can be retrieved live during flight for your personal safety!

Take the weather data with you in the cockpit with our BlueLine Box

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